Sophia Morales M.F.A.

About Me

In sunny Long Beach, California, I grew up with a love of story-telling and books. This, undoubtedly, manifested itself into an academic career filled with creative writing, critical theory, and studying literary classics. After my graduate work at California State University, Long Beach, my artistic journey transitioned from short stories and analytical essays back to poetry. My pieces are often about the breakdown of traditional gender constructs and highlight the underappreciated dark side of humanity. My first book of poetry was based on my experimental blog about Burning Man, Letters from the Playa, and was self-published in 2019.

While teaching college in California and then in Washington, I continued working on personal projects. In 2017, I started Sophia’s Apothecary, a handmade shop that combines my passion for plants with my desire to share their magical and medicinal benefits. In 2019, I became the owner of “I Love This Diet” and began focusing on nutrition and yoga. I now live in San Diego where I’m teaching English and working on my second poetry collection entitled Coffee Spoons.