Sophia Morales M.F.A.

About Me

In sunny Long Beach, California, I grew up with a love of story-telling and books. This, undoubtedly, manifested itself into an academic career filled with creative writing, critical theory, and studying literary classics. After my graduate work at California State University, Long Beach, my artistic journey transitioned from short stories and analytical essays back to poetry. My pieces are often about the breakdown of traditional gender constructs and highlight the underappreciated dark side of humanity. My first book of poetry was based on my experimental blog about Burning Man, Letters from the Playa, and was self-published in 2019.

While teaching college in California and then in Washington, I continued working on personal projects. In 2017, I started Sophia’s Apothecary, a handmade shop that combines my passion for plants with my desire to share their magical and medicinal benefits. In 2019, I became the owner of I Love This Diet and began focusing on nutrition and health coaching. I now live in San Diego and am working on a second collection of poetry.

Published Work

The Apex of a Spear

“…it wasn’t until I frosted the last cupcake that I realized my kitchen wasn’t my domain or sanctuary, but rather, war trenches full of green armored men with black faces, bent over and eyeing the front line. I sat down at the kitchen table and looked at the disaster.”

Verdad Magazine, 2009

The Outer Circle

“I walk down the street with my hands in my pockets. I wonder if anyone can tell what I am. I wonder if when people look me in the eyes they can see the addict inside. I wonder if they think I’m going to seduce them and then eat them afterwards, head first then body.”

RipRap Journal,

Sun Come Up Now

Pinkish water colored,
the sunrise roars,
accepting prayer
from palms of human beacons.”

Cadence Collective,


As an influential educator and published writer, Sophia has a particular type of zest for the language arts. The fervor with which she has written, edited, and published literature is only matched by the enthusiasm she gleams when she teaches it.

Her natural ability to create a warm and participatory atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and humor has made her a highly sought-after instructor.

From teaching ESL to English 100-200, she has supported many students in and out of the classroom, and most notably towards graduation. A specialty of hers was to use fiction and poetry to teach English language learners.

Her vivacious affinity for community advancement molded her pedagogy and encouraged her to focus on literary critical theory to challenge students’ perceptions. Through the progression of critical thinking skills, she believed that cultural tolerance and compassion would sprout in their young minds. Her desire to see a more diverse and integrated world supports her visions for the future.

Owner of Sophia’s Apothecary

Owner/Operator of I Love This Diet

I Love This Diet is the supermarket frozen meal diet plan


Pacific Beach
San Diego, CA