The Apex of a Spear
Short Story

“…it wasn’t until I frosted the last cupcake that I realized my kitchen wasn’t my domain or sanctuary, but rather, war trenches full of green armored men with black faces, bent over and eyeing the front line. I sat down at the kitchen table and looked at the disaster.”

Verdad Magazine, 2009

Sun Come Up Now

Pinkish water colored,
the sunrise roars,
accepting prayer
from palms of human beacons.”

Cadence Collective,

The Outer Circle
Short Story

“I walk down the street with my hands in my pockets. I wonder if anyone can tell what I am. I wonder if when people look me in the eyes they can see the addict inside. I wonder if they think I’m going to seduce them and then eat them afterwards, head first then body.”

RipRap Journal,

Letters from the Playa

I’ve decompressed from you.
Gone to the desert and back,
gulped men and women like fire.

Letters from the Playa

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