Inspired by the air, water and trees, I began reconnecting with Mother Earth when I moved to Seattle in 2016. Then, after a journey out to Black Rock City, I was motivated to start Sophia’s Apothecary.

Sophia’s Apothecary is all about organic, herbal remedies meant to heal the body naturally. I curate rare herbs and craft them into powerful cures that will help customers eliminate toxic ingredients from their daily routine.

I am passionate about the green beauty movement and all of my products reflect the philosophy that beauty is not created in a lab but made by Mother Nature herself. Tapping into the Earth’s natural plants and herbs means we have an infinite source of medicine. My products are labors of love, as they have been created by hand and formulated in the hopes that they bring relief and happiness to all.

Etsy Shop: /shop/SophiasApothecaryUS
Instagram: @SophiasApothecaryUS
Facebook: /sophiasapothecary.us/

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