As an influential educator and published writer, Sophia has a particular type of zest for the language arts. The fervor with which she has written, edited, and published literature is only matched by the enthusiasm she gleams when she teaches it.

Her natural ability to create a warm and participatory atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and humor has made her a highly sought-after instructor.

From teaching ESL to English 100-200, she has supported many students in and out of the classroom, and most notably towards graduation. A specialty of hers was to use fiction and poetry to teach English language learners.

Her vivacious affinity for community advancement molded her pedagogy and encouraged her to focus on literary critical theory to challenge students’ perceptions. Through the progression of critical thinking skills, she believed that cultural tolerance and compassion would sprout in their young minds. Her desire to see a more diverse and integrated world supports her visions for the future.


Highline College, English Instructor

FALL 2018 / SEPT 2019 – MAR 2020

Taught English 100-200 and increased student
involvement by including digital rhetoric and writing
projects. Wrote course syllabus, exams, homework,
and other assignments. Lectured on reading, writing,
and critical thinking skills. Employed critical thinking
theories to further challenge students.

Cal U of Management & Sciences, English Instructor

NOV 2014 – DEC 2016

Taught ESL (all levels) and College English classes.
Wrote English language proficiency tests, homework,
projects, and course syllabus. Introduced new
methods to improve ITEP scores. Assisted in
students’ independent studies. Planned class field
trips to increase cultural literacy.

West Orange College, ESL Instructor

JUNE 2013 – SEPT 2014

Taught ESL (Basic-Advanced). Improved student
attendance with new learning methods. Increased
students’ TOEFL scores by featuring new reading,
writing, and speaking activities. Developed
curriculum that focused on cultural awareness.
Assisted with the school’s accreditation process.

California State U. Long Beach, Teaching Associate

AUG 2010 – DEC 2010

Taught English 205, Creative Writing, Short Story.
Lectured and presented on the components of
creative fiction. Produced an online website to
integrate technology into the workshop. Inspired
students to pursue writing as a career and/or as a
therapeutic, creative outlet.

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