Lion Mane Yoga

Lion Mane Yoga was founded in 2020 and offers yoga, meditation, and pranayama classes. Its primary objective is to provide a spiritual beacon for people of all walks of life. Whether you are brand new or an experienced yogi, joining in will provide the opportunity to deepen your practice, meet friends, and belong to a community that, above all else, wishes to be a part of global healing and enlightenment.

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Feel free to donate to your Instructor, Sophia Morales, via:
1) Paypal (see below)
2) Venmo – @Sophia-Morales
Participation in classes means you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

Lion Mane Yoga Class Donation

Click here to donate directly to Lion Mane Yoga. 20% is donated to The Art of Yoga Project: a non-profit that brings yoga to teen girls in the California juvenile justice system.


Watch more Meditation and Pranayama videos on my YouTube Channel!

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